New Zealand Collection soaps

These soaps are dedicated to a wonderful place we call home – New Zealand. We created skin loving soaps and named them after our most favourite places or things. Experience the New Zealand Collection and enjoy rejuvenating Aotearoa, detoxifying Rotorua, refreshing Coromandel, nourishing Manuka honey and fragrant Pohutukawa.

We proudly make our soaps in New Zealand from natural and organic ingredients to promote healthy glowing skin.

The soaps are free of harmful chemicals, preservatives and artificial colours. We don’t do animal testing and choose to care for the environment. Therefore, we don’t use palm oil in our recipes. In addition, we only work with natural colours and non-plastic biodegradable glitter to decorate our creations.

Our natural soaps are mild and gentle on the skin. That is why they are suitable for both face and body.

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