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Rose Geranium bath bomb


This beautiful bath fizzy is handcrafted from natural & organic ingredients. It contains Epsom salts, kaolin clay and avocado oil.


Scent: aroma of freshly cut roses with sweet floral notes of geranium.


Colour: pink, with real rose flowers

Colour completely dissolves in the bath water ensuring your water is coloured without leaving a ring around the tub after your bath.


Epsom salts are used to reduce muscle and joint tension, relieve stress and relax body, eliminate toxins and soften the skin.

Avocado oil penetrates into the dermis layer of our skin, which results in extremely soft and hydrated skin with long lasting moisturizing effect.

Kaolin clay purifies and detoxes skin, soothes irritation, softens skin and assists in treating various skin conditions.


Ingredients: soda bicarbonate, citric acid, corn starch,  Epsom salts, kaolin clay, avocado oil, colour, fragrance, rose flowers.


Weight: approx 150g

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Rose Geranium bath bomb

How to use: Fill bath with warm water, throw the bath bomb in and enjoy!


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