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Rose geranium bath tea


Rose geranium  bath tea


This bath tea is packed with natural goodness – herbs, flowers, Epsom salts and rose & geranium essential oils.  Just what you need for the best relaxing bath time!


Epsom salts are used to c, relieve stress and relax body, eliminate toxins and soften the skin.


Rose and geranium essential oils blend is specially created to boost confidence and fight depression, support nervous system, provide a peace of mind and ease irritation.


The tea comes in a plastic jar, which is safe to use in your bathroom and a convenient wooden spoon to scoop the products. Cork lid seals the jar tight protecting the tea from humidity, so it is fresh and fragrant when you need it!


CAUTION: Rose and geranium essential oils may need to be avoided during pregnancy. Please check with your health care professional before use.


Weight: approx 270 g


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Rose geranium bath tea

Ingredients: Epsom salts, rose flowers, hibiscus flowers, rose and geranium essential oils.

How to use: fill bath tub with warm water, add as much or as little tea as you want and enjoy!


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